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How I ditched a big six-figure salary and started with my own business?

I have to be honest here! I never wanted to do a job. It never excited me. I always wanted to start something of my own. So ditching a job was not that difficult.

But the struggle was about to start. First year’s turnover was barely 5% of my salary. So many times during this period, I second guessed myself that I lost the count. So many sleepless nights. The only thing that kept me was the belief in my ability.

Initially I was doing all the business under my name, but later on, I formed a partnership company with my father, who is both my business coach and a mentor. We named the company Avant Cresco Systems LLP

prathamesh sakhadeo

I did not know how a webpage was created!

It may seem crazy that I did not know how a webpage was created and yet I started the business based on web development. When I decided to start the business, I had a completely different idea of business. But the universe works in a strange way!

One of my college friends was working for an IT company, and they had just developed their website. So my friend while chatting with me on Facebook, asked me to take a look at their website. While browsing that website, plenty of things were off with it. It was not looking good on mobile, then fonts were not right and many such issues.

I gave this feedback to my friend, who in turn passed it on to their boss. I did not hear anything regarding this for a couple of months. But after two months, my friend called me and told that their boss wants to meet me.

I went there and to my surprise, the boss asked me to develop their website which did not have such issues. And I said YES! Probably the boss thought I was a web developer. But let me tell you, at this point, I had zero knowledge of website development and still, I said yes.

Now I had a deadline of two months. And I had to show the first draft in a fortnight. But I am a quick learner. I searched the internet, and I came across WordPress. Then I went through every article, every tutorial of WordPress and within a weeks time, I was able to put the first draft.

The draft was approved, and now I had almost one month and three weeks time to complete the whole website. I again went to the internet, learned few advanced things about WordPress, solidified my knowledge of WordPress and the ultimately the site was delivered. My first website was complete.

This started my WordPress journey. And with my networking and word of mouth publicity, I started getting a lot of projects.

I did not know how precisely digital marketing was carried out!

When I was developing a WordPress based website for a client, the client asked me whether I provide digital marketing as well? I said I don’t but I am willing to give it a shot. Since the client was already happy with my website work, he said let’s go ahead, but he wanted it for free as I had no experience with digital marketing.

It felt like an excellent opportunity and a chance to learn. As I hold MBA in marketing, I had minimal difficulty grasping the concepts of digital marketing. And thus began my digital marketing journey.

I learned social media marketing, search engine optimisation and paid ads. I started solidifying these concepts, had various online gurus who helped me along the way. And soon I had multiple clients for digital marketing as well.