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My Story

Hi There, I am Prathamesh Sakhadeo. I am a WordPress expert, and I am passionate about both WordPress and Teaching. I find it very satisfying to teach non-tech entrepreneurs to build their website using WordPress.

My entry to the world of web development was an accident. I was heading the marketing department in a manufacturing company, and our web developer made a complete hash of our website. And he wasn’t ready to complete the website and left the project midway.

Now, to complete the website, we had to do something.

prathamesh sakhadeo

Enter HTML and CSS​

I decided I will complete the website myself. I had earlier experience in computer programming. So, I thought to myself, learning HTML and CSS won’t be much problem, and I should be able to complete the website on my own.

So, I purchased a book on HTML and CSS, and it was a mind-blowing book. Being a fast learner, I gobbled it up within seven days and completed the website.

The website was not just complete; it was as per what we had in mind.

The WordPress Frustration

So, I kept on learning web development, and one fine day, I stumbled on WordPress. But man, it was so difficult to learn at that time. Once I started learning, I found I have to use plugins for every functionality.

Not only that but to get particular look I had to buy themes which were kind of disappointing as these themes were so set in their ways, that if I had to change the look I had to buy another theme.
Plus these themes made my website very slow. I was frustrated with WordPress.

I almost gave up on WordPress.

But I knew, if I get this right, if I find the right set of plugins and themes, I will be able to use it successfully.

The Success

Soon I found a right recipe. I found themes and plugins that were lightweight, fast and secure. I found a way to use WordPress successfully.

Not only I found success with WordPress; I was able to convert it into a business. In the last seven years, I developed more than 100 websites of different sizes and shapes using my successful recipe.

Moreover, the recipe I developed didn’t require any tech knowledge. Anyone who wanted to build a website can build it using my recipe.


Prathamesh Sakhadeo