How not to bloat your WordPress installation with too many plugins?

Plugins. A thing that converts your WordPress website from a dud to stud. WordPress is a blogging tool. We can add posts and pages quickly. …

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Thinking of buying a beautiful premium WordPress theme? Drop the idea now!

“Wow! What a theme! It looks so beautiful! It costs only $59!” If that’s your thought after seeing a premium theme, then you hold on …

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Develop my own website based on WordPress without coding? Is that even possible?

Do you know the original purpose of WordPress?
In the year 2003, WordPress was developed primarily as a blogging tool. It was based on another blogging tool called b2/cafelog. And developers of b2/cafelog discontinued it. So, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to build a new platform based on b2/cafelog.

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The simplest way of installing Facebook Pixel on WordPress

Installing Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site should not involve some cumbersome copy-pasting or installing obscure plugins or editing the header.php file. I am going to …

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3 Easy to learn programming languages for new programmers

So one of your friends told you to learn JavaScript as your first language. I get it, JavaScript is that cool kid on the block …

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