My unbiased review of Kartra without the affiliate link

First things first. This is a completely unbiased review of Kartra. How unbiased? Well, I am an affiliate of Kartra software but nowhere on this …

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How to start your web development business in India?

A lot of people are starting a web development business. And for a good reason. Let me start by being captain obvious. Every business these …

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How to select a web hosting for your WordPress website?

Every WordPress website requires web hosting to store WordPress files and database. However, there are various types of hostings and various providers. This makes it …

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How to schedule appointments using WordPress and Calendly

Scheduling meetings is a big headache. There are a lot of emails going back and forth, just to set up a simple meeting. To simplify …

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Is WordPress bad for building landing pages?

For the last few years, I have been hearing that WordPress is not good for building landing pages and conversion rate is really poor with …

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