#004 Why my email marketing campaigns are failing?

Most of you must have tried your hand at email marketing. And you must have sent out a few email campaigns.

If you have not tried it yet, then you must. Email marketing is proven to be one of the best ways to engage with your prospects and clients.

But today we will be speaking about why the email campaigns fail.

Research shows that emails sent through campaigns have an open rate of around 20% and a click rate of less than 3%. With such a low chance of a person clicking the link, our email marketing efforts should be near perfect every time.

The List

Having an email list is the basic requirement of email marketing. Without a list, there is no way we can do email campaigns the email list.

Now the question arises, what is the quality of this list? Is it good or bad?

So how do we determine the quality of the list?

First criteria are how the list is collected? Is it collected from yellow pages, online directions, email scraping tools, or any other source where you got the email id without the knowledge of that person?

Such kind of the list is a cold list. Because these people do not know you and there is a high chance that such emails will either end up in either spam or trash.

Not to mention sending bulk emails without explicit consent is kind of wrong and even an offence in some jurisdictions.

Just a side note, we will be discussing how to fix these issues once we go through the reasons of failure.

Let them give the email id rather than you taking it from them

So it is always better when the person gives you their email id rather than you taking it. Because then they know you to start with. So when you will send them an email they won’t have to think who are you?

Another problem with such email list is, they may not contain emails of your targeted audience. Let’s say if you are selling cutting tools for industries and you are sending the emails to the HR of the company. Then that effort is so wasted.

Email marketing software usually charges us for number subscribers in the list and if we have such irrelevant email is in our database then we are ourselves wasting our money. And let me tell you, the good email marketing solutions are not cheap.

Email marketing software

Let’s discuss further on email marketing solutions. Deliverability of your emails depends a lot on the software that you are using.

There are multiple reputed solutions like MailChimp, GetResponse, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign etc. The servers that they use have a very high reputation. And deliverability of the email depends a lot on the reputation of the server.

Bad reputation and your email will end up in the junk.

Therefore, it is very important to use a good email marketing solutions. One more advantage with these solutions is they implement a strict no-spam policy.

And if they find out you are using not so above the board practices, they ban you. So that’s an added incentive to use best practices.

Poor email solutions will not ban you but they also use a server with a poor reputation. So even if you are spending a little on them, all that money is wasted.

Time is of the essence

Next problem is sending emails randomly at any time. Sending out your campaign on Monday morning is not going to help. Most people will be very busy to even open the mail.

Therefore send out the emails at the appropriate time and day. Research shows that email sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays often perform better.

Be clear

A tacky and unclear subject also contribute to the problem. Using a clear subject line is essential to the cause. Your subject line should not sound like an advertisement. So use the words like free and offer very carefully.

Another highly important thing is not to have a misleading subject. That is just bad. Click-bait kind of subject lines is a strict no-no.


Personalising the subject helps a lot. And it is not that difficult to include the name in the subject. Email solutions like MailChimp provide it out of the box. Of course, your email list should contain the name of the person as well for this to work.

If you have the name of the person, you can even include it in the email copy. Everyone loves their name. And personalised emails help our cause.

Say no to a lot of images

Let’s talk a bit about the email copy. That is the content in the email. Do not make the mistake of sending an email where all the content is in the form of the image. Many email providers like Gmail, Outlook do not show the images unless the reader explicitly clicks on show images.

Most of your email should contain only text and at the most one image but not more than that.

Also, a plain text email performs better than the graphics-rich email. People are interested in reading what you want to say than to see the graphic gizmos. Keep it simple.

Use inbound marketing

In the beginning, we spoke about, quality of email list.

And we discussed how a cold list has a poor quality. So how to generate a warm list with high quality?

For this, you have to use the inbound marketing techniques. Now this topic in itself is very huge and deserves multiple discussions. But let’s speak about it in brief.

The question you have to ask yourself is why people should give you their email ids?

And the answer is quite simple. Give something useful, something that will be valuable to them and in return ask for their email id.

Again this sounds difficult to implement but it is not. It can be very easily implemented using solutions like MailChimp, GetResponse, MailerLite.

Now the useful content can be a case study, a white paper, and implementation guide, a tutorial, a checklist and the list go on.

These things are useful to your targeted audience and they will give their email ids quite willingly to you.

The basic and most important point in email marketing is the email list. Having a warm email list with explicit consent goes a long way.

Remember one thing, the email list that you have is your asset. Make sure you create this asset.

So that’s it for this week.

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