Hi, I am Prathamesh.

I teach web developers how to build their Web Development Business and how to Build Websites Using WordPress

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Prathamesh manages my website so I can focus on what I really enjoy doing. His knowledge in all types of platforms and themes is impressive. His attention to detail, clear communication, and responsiveness makes it easy to work with him even if we are located in different countries. I highly recommend learning from him if you want to DIY your website (which I have done as well) or hiring him if you just want to delegate that task.

Manasi Kakade - Founder Weekend Academy

My Story

It may seem crazy that I did not know how a webpage was created and yet I started the business based on web development. When I decided to start the business, I had a completely different idea of business. But the universe works in a strange way!

I have to be honest here! I never wanted to do a job. It never excited me. I always wanted to start something of my own. But how did I ended up building websites? for that you have to read the complete story!

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wpfe tv

WordPress for Everyone TV

YouTube Channel Filled With Informational Videos, How-to and Review Videos made just for you

Watch bite-sized videos related to WordPress and allied tools that will make your life easy.

These videos are specifically made for you. So, you don’t have to go through plethora of videos of tutorials and how-tos that are not really meant for you.

Because you know, trading time is never a good idea

So subscribe to WordPress for Everyone TV and access the video vault.

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